New Products

Árnyékoló, raschel háló

Width: 9,4 meter
Density: 36 gr/m2
Length: 50 meter/row

Darabolt, árnyékoló, kerítéshálók

Width: 1,5 meter, 1,8 meter, 2 meter
Density: 34,5 gr/m2 and 90 gr/m2
Length: 10 meter

Our Company

The history of the FIRST HUNGARIAN HEMP SPINNING COMPANY goes back  135 years in the past. Its predecessor the Szegedi Kendergyár was found by Mr. Nándor Bakay in 1877 for manufacturing hemp twine, cordage, rope and fabrics. The factory offers a wide assortment of yarns, twines and ropes. Our products are sold throughout North America and Europe. The company’s primary goal is to produce top quality cordage from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials for the agricultural sector, craft industry, furniture manufacturing and many other uses.



PE Raschel bag

PE raschel net

PP, PE twines and tapes

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