Developments at the First Hungarian Hempspinnery Ltd.

Name of the beneficiary:  First Hungarian Hempspinnery Ltd.

Name of the project: Developments at the First Hungarian Hempspinnery Ltd.

Amount of subsidy with contracts:  114 114 790 Ft

Degree of subsidy:  70%

Description of the project’s content:  

Our project’s main part is to purchase new materials resulting in technological renewal whereby materials into as well as  supporting production were purchased. The enterprise was enriched by new machines as follow:

  • spinning machine type MTP/HP-100
  • one-chambered constricting tunnel type SMIPACK T450
  • 2 pcs net-manufacturing machines type HSRO 260
  • rope-manufacturing machine type MTP/E-2-412
  • screw-compressor type DAPM 40A
  • Galan twisting and spinning machine type PRX 375/8
  • weaving machine type KNITRAMA N 6/45
  • 2 pcs 8-headed Mahesh bobbin winder machines type MTP/CW-300

The project’s other main component is to modernize the property whereby at our establishment( Hódmezővásárhely, Szántó Kovács János u. 160 ) a complex modernization of heating and cooling system as well as energy-saving modification of indoor illuminating systems were realized.

After completing tasks, a much more modern and energy-saving environment has been available, which was completed by a solar cell system.

Throughout implementation of the project, we required advices on optimalisation of constitutional structures and activities and services of digital competences trainings, which can probably contribute to our enterprise’s long-term successful operation.

As a result, we can start production new items at a property designed properly due to applying up-to-date, modern technologies, which can support to improve resources efficiency and productivity.

Date of completing project: 23.02.2024

Identification number of the project:  GINOP_PLUSZ-1.2.3-21-2022-00315

Warehouse – deliveries

  • 6800 Hódmezővásárhely,
    Szántó Kovács János u. 160.
    Telefon/fax: +36 62 221-033
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