PE Raschel bag

Raschel bags are so far the most modern packaging materials for packing, storing and transporting vegetables and fruits. The weight of the bag is only thousandth part of filling weight and in addition it provides perfect airing of the products. Its net-like outlook and the well-chosen colour provides esthetic appearance for the products. For automatic filling our bags on the roll have been widely used in several countries in Europe for many years.

The usage of the bags is made easier and more comfortable by the tying string attached to the bags during prodution. The bags are available with filling weight ranging from 5 up to 30 kilograms and can be chosen in wide assortment of colours.

Types of raschel bags:

Size Filling weight Weight Packing
26 x 39 cm 3-5 kg cca 8 gr/pcs 3000 pcs/bale
33 x 47 cm 5-8 kg cca 12 gr/pcs 3000 pcs/bale
40 x 60 cm 10-15 kg cca 17,5 gr/pcs 2000 pcs/bale
50 x 80 cm 25-30 kg cca 28 gr/pcs 2000 pcs/bale
60 x 100 cm 30 kg cca 47 gr/pcs 1000 pcs/bale

Assortment of colours: red, orange, yellow, green, lila, white

Usage of raschel bags:

Gardening (fruits, vegetables, flowers), growing of saplings, packing of agricultural products.

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