PP baler twine

Our company manufactures high quality baler twines. The product labelled with “Szegedi Bálázó” is a flagship in Hungary, and when comparing with similar products in the world it is always considered as a reference. The product of excellent quality has been offered to our customers many years.

The different kinds of baler twines-with high breaking strength are suitable for all types of agricuktural baler machines and are produced as follows:

  • From polypropilene granules and coloured master-batch we produce PP film strip, and as a next step the film strip undergo a fibrillization process that ensures the fineness and high breaking strength of twine
  • The rolled up materials are twisted twines are finished into different forms on cross-wound reeling machines.
  • The end-products are packed and labelled according to our customer’s requirements.

Nm 0,14 baler twine:

Type/Thickness: Nm 0,14
Runnage: 140 m/kg
Colour:  swedish blue
Put-up: 5 kg spool
Breaking strendth: 2320 N

Nm 0,36  baler  mixed colours:

Type/thickness: Nm 0,36
Runnage: 360 m/kg
Colour: mixed
Put-up: 4,2 kg spool
Breaking strength: 900 N

Nm 0,36 coloured baler twine:

Type/thickness: Nm 0,36
Runnage: 360 m/kg
Colour: in 7 colours
Put-up: 4,2 kg spool
Breaking strength: 900 N

Field of application:

The PP baler twine is the integral requisite of baling process.

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