PE raschel net

Our company has been producing high quality raschel nets for many decades.
Raschel nets can resist extremities of weather so they can widely be used in many fields like shadowing of greenhouses and covering scaffolds in building industry, etc.
Raschel nets are manufactured from HDPE raw material, adding the best possible UV-stabilizators by which the product’s lifetime can be extended.

The shading effect is also influenced by the knitting density of the net.
The nets are produced in the following types: 30 gr/m2 (light weight), 34,5 gr/m2 (normal) and 90 gr/m2 (thick). All of our nets are produced with knitted-in suspension holes.

Normal raschel net

Width Area Weight
1,2 m 60 m2 cca 1,8 kg/50m
3,6 m 180 m2 cca 6,20 kg/50m
7,35 m 367 m2 cca 12,20 kg/50m
8,35 m 417 m2 cca 14 kg/50m
9,40 m 470 m2 cca 18 kg/50m

The nets are normally avaible in 50 meter rolls, but in case of need they can be produced in 100 or 200 meter rolls.

Usage of raschel nets:

Due to the wide range of usability, raschel nets can excellently be used in the field of :

1. Floral gardens
2. Vegetable gardens and fruit farming
3. Growing of saplings
4. General purpose shadowing
5. Protection of different agricultural produts against animals and hail
6. Windbreaking
7. Scaffolding nets at building sites
8. Household applications
9. Industrial packaging, product shipping (e.g.: shipment of stones, glass)
10. Protective net and advertisement carrier on sports fields and events
11. Other applications (e.g.: decoration)

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