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The history of the FIRST HUNGARIAN HEMP SPINNING COMPANY goes back  145 years in the past. Its predecessor the Szegedi Kendergyár was found by Mr. Nándor Bakay in 1877 for manufacturing hemp twine, cordage, rope and fabrics. The factory offers a wide assortment of yarns, twines and ropes. Our products are sold throughout North America and Europe. The company’s primary goal is to produce top quality cordage from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials for the agricultural sector, craft industry, furniture manufacturing and many other uses.

The Plastic Division of ELSŐ MAGYAR KENDERFONÓ ZRT. (First Hungarian Hemp Spinning Co.) has an almost 40 years’ professional experience in the field of Raschel production. As one of the greatest Raschel producer in Central Europe, we can offer a wide variety of Raschel bags, hoses and Raschel nets to our customers. Our product range includes several types of polypropylene string and baler twine to suit the many different needs in households as well as in the agricultural sector. Our company deals primarily with wholesale and retail trade, which is realized mainly in the home market, while the rest of the production  is exported to European countries. Due to the specific nature of our products our  main customers are middlemen and end-users who are engaged in agricultural activities. Our company tries to form the  assortment of products according to the needs of the customers. As soon as the Sales Department learns about a customer need it decides on the products to be produced and on the manufacturing schedule.   We are striving to establish solid and long term business relationship with our business partners, including our customers and our suppliers bearing in mind mutual respect and mutual satisfaction. Our traders and technicians are always at the disposal of our partners to solve any special demands. The dynamic development of the company is assured by the increase of the satisfaction of the customers, and strengthening our position by increasing our share in the market. During the summer in 2009 our company moved from Szeged to a new location – to Hódmezővásárhely where the production continues under much modern circumstances.We are hopeful that after studying our product catalogs you get an overview on our company and our products to enable you to choose the most appropriate goods for your purposes.

Warehouse – deliveries

  • 6800 Hódmezővásárhely,
    Szántó Kovács János u. 160.
    Telefon/fax: +36 62 221-033
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